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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


So, who is going to be playing NaNo this year? I know emilyfairy is, but who else?

I am, for some insane reason.

My name is, naturally, alianora. Feel free to friend over at nanowrimo.org

im going to make a stab at a chick lit novel this time around, currently possibly titled, "Why I Hate Shoe Shopping."

I have something vaguely resembling a plot, although im still working on details. Like, you know, characters.

I will be posting bits and pieces over at boatsofpaper, but they will be flocked. So, if you wanna read, you need to let me know so i can friend you from that journal.

Im desperately trying to finish up a number of fandom things, so my brain wont be writing seven different things in november..we will see how it goes. I currently have a little over 1000 words of the Courting Fic (currently titled "Raised Right"), but i still have the Gilmore porn to finish..which i hope to do today..

the drabbles i owe im going to save for when i desperately need a break from novel stuff. so, throughout november, you will see random ACKOMGSTUPID posts, combined with random drabbles.

i think this is a workable plan.


I wanted to do NaNo sooooo badly, but there's this thing called "school" and this other thing called "lack of inspiration" that are beating me round the head at the moment. :( One of these days...

I friended boatsofpaper; I'd love to read your stuff, if you don't mind.
Kara=NaNoing. narore But you already have that friended I think.

But I'm going to short-story it, I think. Any novel I try to write ends up becoming Allyssa's story, and she's never happy with it. She's so pushy. But anyway.

Whoo, Chick Lit. That should be entertaining. :)
chick lit is one of my not so guilty pleasures. come down to a fight between anne mccaffery and a chick lit novel, and the dragon lady would win, but chick lit is fun and mindless.

heres hoping!

and yes, nanore is already friended!
I'm doing NaNo, too. Mine's going to be a Firefly novel, partially because I have no time to come up with new characters, but mostly because I came up with this really cool idea that would actually be better as a novel :D

I friended you, I'm lady_daendre
I'm doing NaNo for my sins. I finished my novel last year, but that was a calm November. Nothing like this one where I've a sneaking suspicion I'll be acting like the proverbial Oozalum bird from day one :) I've the basics of an idea, a couple of characters and... well, that's pretty much it really; just that and, hopefully, an inexhaustible supply of coffee and chocolate :)

BTW, I'm Penndragon on the NaNo boards, so if you see me appear on your NaNo friends list you'll... Okay, you'll still have no clue who I am :::grins:::
I added you to my Friends list on the NaNo site. :)

Yay for chick lit! :)

Emily :)
im going to make a stab at a chick lit novel this time around, currently possibly titled, "Why I Hate Shoe Shopping."
sounds interesting, I never liked shopping myself :D

and OT, could I please have your addy? (for sending a christmas card) :)
Whats your email? Ill send it to you.

and YAY Christmas cards!
it's barefoot_at_kheb@hotmail.com :)

*twirls you*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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