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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Insomnia Posting

I just adore it when i cant sleep, dont you? especially when i have WORK IN THE MORNING. *glares at brain*

anyway, post of fandomy stuff i wanna get done very soon. like, within the next week or so soon. If i dont do it very soon, ill get very distracted by NaNoWriMo.

-River and Sex meta. Why Consent is such a murky thing. Or River, Sex, and Benny and Joon. my fault.
-Jaylee courting fic. which, really, needs to write itself. fluffy and cute and cuddley, and i swear ill try and keep River out of it. krispy's fault.
-Pre-Fuzzy Rayne. or, how Jayne got drunk in the first place. Wen's fault.
-bugchicklv's (what the hell can i call you for short? im lazy) Hamilton porn. ive been watching my S5, and even though its adam, im just not getting the grove of him. damn him anyway.
-that bedamned Gilmore Girls porn that i have been avoiding due to my inability to write in one tense. i have to fix half of it, and i dont want to. my own stupid fault.
-the 10+ drabbles i owe from my intro post. really, they WILL all get done. it will just..take me a while.

anything else y'all want me to work on while im at it?


Not unless you write BSG too. *giggles*

If you don't then I'll just squee over the one that's my fault being listed and add Hamilton!porn vibes to help you out with Bug's.
Points to Neroli's Nick for me...

Call me that. Everyone else does!

*bouncing STILL in anticipation*

(Hey, Neroli...care to help me design an Adam based theme for my LJ? I need one bad, and I can't figure it out for shit!)
Sure, any excuse to look at pretty Adam pics...been trying to think what I want to ask cassiee to do for mine next and all I can come up with is I want it to be as hot as aliaspiral's...LOL

I am making my own graphic for the top of the page and I want it to stay there...like _notahero_s does.
Um, yikes...that's more than a bit out of my league...coding...*shudders*
Some more of those Serenity stills. wheeeeee.

GUH. thank you! *squeals and saves many*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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