Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Insomnia Posting

I just adore it when i cant sleep, dont you? especially when i have WORK IN THE MORNING. *glares at brain*

anyway, post of fandomy stuff i wanna get done very soon. like, within the next week or so soon. If i dont do it very soon, ill get very distracted by NaNoWriMo.

-River and Sex meta. Why Consent is such a murky thing. Or River, Sex, and Benny and Joon. my fault.
-Jaylee courting fic. which, really, needs to write itself. fluffy and cute and cuddley, and i swear ill try and keep River out of it. krispy's fault.
-Pre-Fuzzy Rayne. or, how Jayne got drunk in the first place. Wen's fault.
-bugchicklv's (what the hell can i call you for short? im lazy) Hamilton porn. ive been watching my S5, and even though its adam, im just not getting the grove of him. damn him anyway.
-that bedamned Gilmore Girls porn that i have been avoiding due to my inability to write in one tense. i have to fix half of it, and i dont want to. my own stupid fault.
-the 10+ drabbles i owe from my intro post. really, they WILL all get done. it will just..take me a while.

anything else y'all want me to work on while im at it?

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