Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Luke Can See Her Face

Lorelai is becoming the crazy cat lady. seems appropriate to me
cutedean, you have lost all credability with me. and cut your hair.

luke opens at 5. gaaah.
lorelai is mentally hugging Luke. awww.
luke has a really nice butt. do you think i could pay ASP to have a heatwave episode so he can lose all the flannel? just once?
i heart michel. he found doing his work on the floor amusing at any point?
luke is kibatzing. and he knows it. but he did more than build a birdbath. he made lorelai a chuppah. cause he loves her.
i dont like Shel. he smiles funny.
why are you trying to set up your best friend with a schmuck, Sookie?
Luke is her special friend. and his face when she makes him put his arm around her was hysterical.
did you see the look she gave him when she started to walk away? that was a, "oh, that was nice" look about the hand on her stomach!
Professor Creep has no clue what he is talking about. plus? he's arrogant. and OLD.
luke! self help books! ill help you luke! you wont have to be alone! ill be with you!
and he brought his own porn into the bookstore to pretend to buy it. yes, this makes sense.
he locks the door! and checks the hallway before listening to the self help. hee!
"hit in the head with the oprah stick." what a great expression.

cuteDean is a nice guy. and his toolbelt glows.
i hate Lindsey. we have just proved that she has NO JOB, and here she is bitching about wanting a townhouse, and evidently a new car, and she sits at home all day waiting for him to call? GET A FREAKING JOB.
i feel angry about you listening to this tape too, Luke.
i want to keep Liz. i love her. i love how Luke interacts with her. and shes a Rennie. so shes even better!
hee! Tj/Gary is evil! and he has a nose for beer.
luke is smiling. he loves his sister. you can tell.
jess is an ass. i hate him.
luke is going to dress up as the court jester. and look how hes happy for her. awwww.
i still cant believe Emily left Richard.
"the guys next door just ran out of crack to sell, so they sent me over to borrow a cup." *snerk*
jess has crappy hair. and how many times has Liz been married?
you do owe luke, jess. and cut your hair. eww.

luke's going "poof."
i like Glenn. he makes me laugh.
jess is looking rather..buff. and yes, eat the expired stuff, jess.
what was luke's score? what kind of road is he?
i wouldve like the "see her face" part better if they had left the lonely part to the end.
"whoah." yeah, me too, Luke.
does the hospital part remind you of "Forgiveness and Stuff" with Emily's freakout and Richard's angina? was this on purpose?
he has 2 grown kids, and you are DATING him, Paris?
yes, he IS OLD. he is ANCIENT.
laundry. lorelai is right. sookie and michel are both crazy.
she said it more than four times, michel. and its obnoxious.
strip club. poor luke looks so uncomfortable. and he is standing so he doesnt have a lap to dance on. hee! and TJ is fascinated by the disappearence of laps. then again, this is the grown man who offered to do a portrait of jess on his etch a sketch.

break up with him, Paris! i dont care if he invited you to oxford, he has a new freshman girl every year!
Paris and the Nasty Professor dont seem comfortable with each other, do they?
did Asher overhear the conversation between paris and rory?
jess, stop being an ass. walk your mother down the aisle, damnit!
i do not need to hear that Jackson is sleeping with the zucchani one more time! i am annoyed!
aww, Inn bonding!
luke is all enlightened now. i cant wait until this breaks down.
you do hate your mother, jess. because youre a little SHIT. even if you did come to Stars Hollow for Luke.
and he is telling the Philip story from the tapes! *dies*
no, jess. YOURE the loser. i hate you. LEAVE.
Lorelai looks so confused about Luke's behavior. and he walks into the door!
and he passes on the self help tapes. damn i hope they help jess. otherwise, next week i might murder my tv.

Luke! Lorelai! that look! a date! a movie! omgtheirloveissopure! LukeNLorelai4Eva!!!!!!!11one! he brought her roses!!

someone shoot me. im netspeaking. help.

im getting my hopes up. i know better than this. PromoGuy is evil, and usually lies.

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