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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


i am impatiently waiting for Lost.

im also impatiently waiting for food to magically appear in my kitchen, completely cooked and very yummy.

yeah, i dont see that one happening either.

im also trying to decide if i have enough time between now and Lost to cook dinner, watch another episode of SG1, AND write ficlets.

the answer, for those who dont see it, is NO. this makes me sad.

and, as i need to eat very very soon, or else i will end up gnawing on Madmartigan, dinner is high on the list.

I found a frozen package of peas and carrots while hunting. i dont even REMEMBER buying peas and carrots!

which means, its time for FRIED RICE! WHOO!

im easily amused today. sorry.

also, hola newbies who friended me because of the multi-fandom friending thing (which i have a link for, somewhere), and to those of you who have been around a while but havent been paying attention, answer questions, get a drabble.

Also, im working on something jaylee-ish (ill pause while everyone passes out in shock), which im going to be trying my hardest not to even MENTION River and how perfect she and Jayne are together, for rinalin who drunkenly requested it last night.

Currently title is: Take Two Fuzzy Navels and Call Me In the Morning.




Is it bad that I only vaguely remember requesting this?

No, I thought not either.

LOVE the title. Must keep that!

Erm...there is no new LOST tonight. It's the Michael-flashback episode from the start of the season. Well, close to the start.

So maybe it'll give you a little more time to get things done?
DAMMIT. i completely forgot.

but now, i can watch SG1!

oh well.
Huzzah! Sorta. ;)
I didn't know you watched SG-1, very coul :))
its the natural progression of my deep abiding love of MacGyver.
ahh, yeah :) which season are you watching?
Madmartigan is who? (And no, I don't mean who is he/she/it named after...I knows me some "Willow" when I sees it...HEEE)

And love, love LOVE the title to the Jaylee, can't wait to read it.
Madmartigan is my beloved laptop. i love him greatly. *cuddles*

and ill work on the jaylee tomorrow..i got a little distracted tonight, and didnt end up writing it.
AAH! Knew there was a reason I wasn't wanting to presume it was a pet...LOL

And *sniffles* that's okay, can wait to read fic. *re-reads title to tide her over*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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