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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Lost Drabbles/Ficlets

See? i TOLD you i was working on them! *beams*

All Sha-Boone (Hello Hello Again) today.

For storydivagirl:

Title: Looking After
Author: alianora
Rating: G

Shannon had been glaring down the beach for the past fifteen minutes.

Locke was attempting to teach Boone how to throw knives.


Boone had injured himself cutting bread before. She knew, she had been there and had gotten her fabulous new top ruined while trying to keep him from bleeding to death.

Sure, he was trained as a lifeguard.

But he had nearly drowned four times in the training. Not to mention falling in the pool and spraining his wrist the first day.

So, she was sitting here, supervising.

And Jack was well within yelling distance, just in case.

Someone had to take care of him. He was too dumb to do it himself, most of the time.


For zeldabel

Title: Eyes Closed
Author: alianora
Rating: NC17
Wanrings: incest. duh.

With his eyes closed, he could feel.

With his eyes closed, his body strained upward without consulting his brain. Hair brushed his chest and hot breath panted in his ear and his hands were full of silky skin and moans and promises of heaven.

He choked at the feel of the hot mouth slipping downward, and he tangled his hands in glossy hair and didn't open his eyes, even as his back arched at the feel and fingers tightened around him.

With his eyes closed, he didn't have to see her smirk down at him.

With his eyes closed, he could pretend she was someone else.

With his eyes closed, she wasn't his sister, and this wasn't wrong.


There you go! your daily dose of incest!

Only 6 drabbles left to write. WHOO!


Incest should not be so good!

*sniffs* I miss Boone. He was my favorite. *Is not happy with this season.*
I adored Boone because he was clueless and tried to hard and was entirely too pretty to live.

so, i fed him to Petey. Several times.

And supposedly we get to see some flashback!Boone soon!
Incest should not be so good!

*sniffs* I miss Boone. He was my favorite. *Is not happy with this season.*
Yay for the Shannon and Boone. And I love the idea that Shannon watched out for Boone too.
well, SOMEBODY has to!

and im glad you like.
Thank you!!! I am a VERY happpy camper. *Off to have Boone fantasies*
lol, enjoy your boone fantasies then!

and you're welcome!
WHOO! Incest and snarky!protective!Shannon! This just makes my horrible day worthwhile. *Happy SIGH!*

*hugs you!*
hee! everybody needs a little bit of incest!

wait..that came out all wrong...
*suddenly remembers* You owe ME a drabble too! Hehe. My own aliaspiral drabble. *is a little too happy*

I won't make you write Jack/Kate, because then you would be twitchy and there's no telling what you might do. I don't want to be responsible for that :)

Anything Lost. Preferably character-musing 'cause I adore your insights. Lyric prompt: "I had you fooled enough to take me on"
i DO! and ive been waiting for your request!

and bless you. really. you know i adore you, but the jack/kate? yeah, the brain might explode, and i like my brain inside my head.

ooh. fun lyric. *plots*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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