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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Ficlets/Drabbles

Late drabble/ficlet requests...im still working on them, promise.

rinalin requested Jayne, guitar.

Title: Strum
Author: alianora

When he was a kid, his daddy had played sometimes, when he weren't too tired or too drunk. Jayne had liked listening, but usually fell asleep or had chores to do. It weren't like it was something that happened alot, anyways.

But his momma had always liked it.

So, when his daddy had been shipped off to a different mine for a few months, Jayne took it upon himself to learn how to play the damned thing.

The guitar fit strange in his half grown hands, and the strings were near wore out, but after two weeks sitting in the barn after his chores, picking at it, he could manage a passable tune.

His momma cried when he came in with it, and played Amazing Grace. His voice was rough, and the notes were a little uncertain, but he thought he got through ok.

He played for her every night til his daddy came back, while she was cooking or right before bed. She would sit, sometimes, and just listen to him playing and Matty singing.

And then they sent Pop back with a bad leg, and Jayne had to go to work proper, to keep them all fed.

And the guitar stayed under his bed til the day he left.


This is for neroli66, who didnt actually request anything, but managed to stick this bunny in my ear.

I want it to be known that this is, in fact, ALL HER FAULT.

also, there is a crossover here, and you minions better catch it.

Title: Heat Lamp
Author: alianora

Kaylee thought it was so pretty, sitting up there in the shop window. All purple and delicate looking.

Mal rolled his eyes, but he didnt say nothing when Kaylee shelled out some of her hard earned coin for it.

"I can take care of it fine," she assured him. "I can rig up some kinda lamp in the engine room, and the man in the shop said it could survive almost anywhere." She frowned. "He seemed awful glad to be rid of it, but, a sale is a sale, I guess."

"What kinda plant is that thing, anyway?" Wash asked, poking at the bloom.

Kaylee snatched it outta his reach. "Don't touch it! Man said it was fragile and not to touch the bloom ever." She brought it close to her face and baby talked it. "We won't let that mean man hurt you, dont you worry."

When they got it back to the ship, Kaylee set about making it its own place in the mess. She got it all set up and pretty, sitting there like it belonged, right in the middle of the table. She smiled with satisfaction, and managed to only jump a little when River materialized at her elbow.

River examined the orchid carefully, hands tucked behind her back.

And then she took two giant steps back from the table.

"Won't eat there," she told it. "We eat there, and there isn't enough for you."

"River, what..?" Kaylee shook her head.

"It will all end in blood," River sighed. "Don't feed it after midnight. It will grow without looking. I'm eating in my room from now on."

Kaylee blinked as River backed up against the wall and slid along it, eyeing the plant suspiciously.

"Don't trust it, " River advised as she slid out of the room. "It will swallow you whole, if you give it the chance."



more coming tomorrow!


*Is captivated by the pretty for a moment*

And awwwwwwww! The guitar! Poor Jayne. Grew up so hard. Hmmm, course... I like him hard. The harder the better...

I'll be in my bunk.
HEE! well..yes, Jayne had to get hard somewhere. *blinks with innocence*

im glad you like it. :)
YAY! Spawn of Petey fic!!! And even shinier and creepier then I imagined!

Also, Jayne+guitar=OMG!Iwillstalkyouforevah!!!

Definitaly going into the memories...HEE!
Yay! Im glad the Spawn of Petey worked..i thought about having River get him, but i think she values her skin a little more than that..

and hee! stalk away my dear! it was only yesterday that i realized i was not yet stalking you! i had to fix it immediately.
I was thinking River but this? This is perfect! It would be just like Kaylee to only see the pretty and not the danger.

And it makes it all the more creepy that an innocent brought him on board...*g*
I need someone to create me a lurvely Adam Layout too. Cuase yours is giving me hot flashes.

Anyway...*sob* See, now a part of my second Rayne Series was going to have River coax him into playing it again (yes, I can dismiss the BDM cause IT NEVER HAPPENED in my fic-verse...well, not yet anyway).

As for the other one...*points to icon*

Not gettin' it unless that is a "Little Shop Of Horrors" reference. And the "not feeding it after midnight" made me think of the second worst movie EVER (behind Howard the Duck which was Gremlins.

So, you're gonna have to take this minion to school. Just be careful where you use the ruler.
So, you're gonna have to take this minion to school. Just be careful where you use the ruler.

It all started with this little Lost fic from literarylemming, and got a bit odd here thanks to aliaspiral. But that was not the end, it went on getting odder here...and now, it's in the Firefly 'verse!

Lord help us all! *giggles*
Dont forget about the insanity here and here.

His name is Petey, and he can be a little..tempermental. Dont get too close, and DONT pet him. Unless you want to lose a limb.
AHHH! I missed Petey fic!

See? This is what I get for letting my stalking of literarylemming slide when I drifted from Lost..plus,I never officially stalked you back then. My bad! HEE!
yes, rinalin and i have both discovered a bad tendency to just...stare at my layout. ive been staring at it all day!

and youre second series can still have Jayne playing guitar! it can! and please do!
PETEY! All worship! *bows down to the death orchid and offers up bits of Boone*

That will be all.
He is taking over the whole 'verse, Kara! i dont know what to do!

*tosses Petey some chucks and hides behind Jayne*

River's got the right of it, Kaylee! You just stay away!

Man, Petey gets everywhere, don't he? Can't you just see him zipping through space in a little space suit? I just think that's the cutest damn thing EVER.


*throws Petey some Air Jordans so he doesn't get angry I called him cute*
He is trying to take over the 'verse! Gibby, how can he be stopped?!

*shoves him in a space suit and tries not to giggle at the cuteness*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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