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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Firefly Fic: Broken Like Dolls

Title: Broken Like Dolls
Author: alianora
Rating: R
Summery: She didn’t wear shoes and she heard voices and she could slip around Serenity like a shadow and she had shown up in his bunk two weeks ago in the middle of the night and smiled and he knew the rest were all dead.

No spoilers for Serenity

She was only a little girl.

Sometimes, he could remember that.

She was tiny and frail and looked like she could break in half. She didn’t wear shoes and she heard voices and she could slip around Serenity like a shadow and she had shown up in his bunk two weeks ago in the middle of the night and smiled and he knew the rest were all dead.

He was left alive, for some reason only she knew, and he couldn’t find her and she wasn’t talking.

And the rest had disappeared.

There was no bodies. There was nothing left at all but empty rooms.

In the doc’s room, her sheets were pulled tight and the blanket was folded back just so, but he had never caught her coming in here and that’s why he was sleeping on the floor next to the bed with a gun in his hands.

He had looked everywhere, all over ship, and couldn’t find nobody.

The pilot’s chair was empty, the bunks were all abandoned, and there weren’t no signs of a struggle anywhere but the mess.

But the mess just looked like someone had had a food fight, if you didn’t look too close, and if you didn’t pick up any of the overturned bowls or opened the trash bin or looked in the fridge.

He hadn’t been up to the mess in over ten days, and his supplies were running low and he was almost out of ammo.

Not that it did any good.

He never had seen her since that night, but he knew she was there.

When he came out of the doc’s room, he could feel her watching him, and sometimes would catch a whisper of fabric or a rustle of a giggle.

That’s what unnerved him the most.

She was just sitting out there, waiting for him. Playing some game where he didn’t know the rules, just knew that he was gonna die and she was gonna kill him and he couldn’t stop her.

Kaylee’s fancy dress had gone missing from her bunk, and he didn’t know if she had dressed Kaylee up after, or if she had taken the dress just because.

Other stuff was missing too.

Wash’s dinosaurs, Mal’s gunbelt. The preacher’s bible.

He couldn’t bring himself to go into Inara’s shuttle. The door was hanging funny and there was a smell and he was a strong man but he weren’t sure he were strong enough to have to go in there and see them all fallen over like dolls after she got through playing with ‘em.

Or go in, and find more nothing. Nothing but him and her and a ship that was headed nowhere.

Maybe she had just been playing with Kaylee or her brother and they didn’t follow her rules and she got mad and smashed them like a kid smashing his big sister’s porcelain dolls. Maybe she didn’t understand and if he could just explain it to her, she would land the ship and they could bury the others and then he could shoot her in the head while she was sleeping, cause he didn’t trust her not to make a doll outta him too.

And then she could sleep next to her brother and he could lie down too, and this whole mess would be over.

His hands was starting to shake and he was almost outta water and she was still out there, waiting, and two of the guns he had when he went to sleep last night were missing and all he was left with was his knife and his wits and he would be the first to tell you that she had him mighty outclassed in the wits department.

And the power was shutting off, lights dimming down the hall and soon he would be in the dark.

Alone, but for her.

And he couldn’t fight what he couldn’t see.

And he couldn’t find his knife.



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See.... and here I thought you only wrote happy stuff.

I was captivated from word one. And probably just as scared as Jayne was. Crazy people scare me more than anything else. More than spiders. They're just completely unpredictable, they don't follow the rules, gorramit.

You made Jayne's fear very, very real.

Now make him happy again!
aactually, i prefer the angst..ive just been in a fluffy mood.

glad it creeped you out though! or something..

thanks for reading!
EEP!! *hides under the covers*

Very, very creepy and disturbing and unnervingly realistic. :-D
the covers wont save you...*evil laugh*

and thanks. :)
*points to icon*

'nuf said.
hee! you are having too much fun with your new adam icons, arent you?

and thank you!
WOW! I'm not high on the Jayne/River yet (and I know that you are *g*), so I wasn't sure if I should read this, but I did... and WOW. Wack.


hee! im glad you read it, even if you arent feeling the Rayne love (which, omg you so should). and im even gladder that you loved it!

thanks for reading!
Very distrubing, but in a good way. Excellent job.
*shivers* Creepy. Very creepy, but excellently done. I was freaking out along with Jayne. The thought of her just waiting, and going into the room while he was sleeping and taking his weapons without him noticing... damn. And since his supplies are running out and he's left with nothing, we know that something's going to happen and soon. Loved that you left the rest to the imagination. Beautiful work as always.
ooh, thank you. im glad the creepiness came through. i figure that Jayne can fight anything he can see, so what would be the worst for him than having something he cant see or track.

thanks for reading!
Creepy, terrifying, disturbing, compelling...wow, that was a hell of a thing. Awesome job. Can't think of enough words to describe how cool this was.
thanks! im glad it creeped people out!
Creepy. *shudder* Very disturbing but I liked it.
im glad you liked it, disturbing and all. :)

thanks for reading.
I feel like I need a really hot shower after reading this - I am totally covered in goosebumps. Good thing it's the morning, because if I had read this at night time I don't think sleep would be an option.
a shower? but..the psychos come while you are in the shower..didnt you know? *evil grin*

glad you were creeped!
oh! it's definitely a moody piece. I liked how creepy this was, how you could feel Jayne's terror throughout.

thanks! im really glad the terror came through so well.

thanks for reading!
*loves* This was super creepy. Definitely put me in the mood for Halloween. :) *recs*
thanks! now you can go as River the Homicidal Maniac for Halloween!

and thanks even more for the rec!
Sent here by cornfields. Great little fic! Very nice job with the characterization and the building of suspense.
thanks! glad you liked it!
I too came at the recommendation of cornfields, and just want you to know that this works exceedingly well as a standalone mood piece. I've never seen a single episode of "Firefly" and aside from knowing names, I know nothing of actual characters. Nevertheless this is still a wonderful, creepy piece and I really enjoyed it on a storytelling level as opposed to a fanfiction one. Great job!
oh wow! that is a such a great thing to hear! im really glad you dont have to know anything about the characters to get the creepy.

and you really need to watch Firefly. really.

thanks for reading!
Another one sent here by cornfields. I really like this, you've conveyed his fear so well it's thoroughly hair-raising. Great work!
thanks! im so glad everyone is enjoying the creep factor!
Wow, very creepy and disturbing. The idea of River just waiting for Jayne and of poor Jayne scared to death, it sent goosebumps down my arm. And I loved that you left certain things to the reader: such as where River put all the bodies (personally, I think they're all in Inara's shuttle, all dressed up.-Creepy.) and what happens to Jayne in the end.

Super moody, creepy, disturbing, and perfect!
Things are scarier in the dark, and when you cant see..i figured Jayne would agree. Im glad you agree too. :)

thanks for reading!
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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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