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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Angel drabble/ficlets: The Boss's Chair AND The Conference Table

These were both written for bugchicklv, for reasons involving Adam Baldwin and nekkidness. Well, the first one. The second one, involves a bit more explanation...*cough* or maybe less explanations and more crack. not sure..

Title: The Boss's Chair
Author: alianora
Character: Marcus Hamilton

A low chuckle wound its way out of his throat as he slid his jacket off his shoulders.

He was quite comfortable, here in the "boss's" chair.

Ordinarily, he wouldnt have been comfortable removing his tie and jacket, but under the circumstances, he decided the Senior Partners would understand. And probably approve.

Although to get their full approval, he would probably need to behead the vampire who was currently very occupied under the desk.

Hamilton smirked and kept his hand on the back of Angel's neck.

All the vampire needed was a guiding hand.

And a bigger sofa.


Title: The Conference Table
Author: alianora
Character: Marcus Hamilton

Summery: Blame bugchicklv who handed me this: GAWD, for that YOU'll be MY Hero. Even more so if you manage to have him do Lindsey, Spike, Harmony, and Angel. Consider yourself a GODDESS if you have him do Illyria and/or Wes as well.

Never hand me something like this. Ever. Its a bad idea. In case you want to know, i didnt quite make it to Goddess status.

First, Hamilton sexed up Harmony. She was easy. And blonde. And very perky. Vampire stamina was an added bonus.

When he got bored, he went looking for Lindsey. Figured it he was sleeping with Eve, he wouldn't be too picky. Eve was too skinny, and couldnt pull off the sex on toast act that was as easy as breathing to Hamilton. Or would be, if he actually needed to breathe anymore.

Sadly, Lindsey did need to breathe, often, which meant Lindsey kept having to stop sucking Hamilton off.

Lindsey was pretty, especially with those tattoos, but Hamilton liked someone with a bit more undead in them.

Or wanted the undead in them.


Which left Spike and Angel.

Spike was willing. Just shrugged and asked for a new playstation, before unzipping his pants and licking his lips.

Oh yes, Spike was very very worth it.

But, there was the fun and the prestiage involved in doing the boss...But Angel wasnt as willing as the others.

Which meant that Hamilton had to wait.

And he really hated waiting.

Of course, while he was waiting, he had Spike bent over Angel's desk twice, as well as pulling Harmony in on the fun, and letting the two of them take over the boardroom to play a few times.

They were both very enthusiastic. Spike, in particular, was quite talented with his tongue.

Hamilton rewarded him with a hand job up against the door of Angel's office.

Naturally, Angel would be able to smell the sex later, which made it much more entertaining.

Turns out, Angel gets off on being dominated. And Hamilton was quite the professional at being dominating.

He wondered how long it had been since anyone had been able to tower over Angel like he was able to.

The height difference was a good thing.

That conference table is cold, and he isn't about to be the one on bottom.


What's really funny is these two were written off the cuff, and arent actually the real Marcus Hamilton porn that i owe her. Which will be coming this weekend after I rewatch Angel S5 and have a better handle on Hamilton.


Oh lord. That was glorious. Plus amusing. And more nekkid Adam to come...

Can you be my hero too?
Yes, i can be everybody's hero. but i need Jayne to be mine. and your icon. cause i LOVE IT.

and thank you!
You want? *giggles* It makes he happy, with the bicep and the gun... and frankly, any time I can work Jayne and the word "cock" into an icon...

*clears throat*

I've decided that Sugar We're Going Down is Jayne's theme song. I mean seriously. How could it not be with a line like A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it .
i really need that song..brandus (the hubby) had it as his ring tone, but i want the whole thing..

and yes, your icon is needed. NEEDED.

I have both song and icon for you both, if you'd like. Just hmmm... how to get it to you. I have both AIM (RinnyWitter) and MSN messanger, (rinjj61178@hotmail.com), and I can send them that way?
Is going in the memories and I HOPE TO HELL that morgannas_gate sees them and asks if she can put them on her website EDEN.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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