Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


i need to update my user info, as it is old, out of date, and isnt quite weird enough.

this is a problem, because im generally not funny when i am trying to be clever, which i would be attempting to do while writing my user info.

feel free to chime in and suggest a comment to use. or, you know, you could always write it for me..i wouldnt mind as long as you werent TOO insulting.

i need to add fandoms and info, and Petey needs to be mentioned somewhere in there.

Also, i have much to do and little motivation.

I still owe drabbles. And i have other bunnies floating through my head, and i need to make myself come up with more of a plot for the Jaylee courtin' fic im writing for sirkpega. not to mention the Marcus Hamilton porn i owe bugchicklv for several reasons. Almost all involving Adam. (also, need to cross post the drabble Marcus Hamilton porn i wrote her in comments somewhere..must locate).

I also need a plot, or a character, or a talking animal or SOMETHING for NaNoWriMo.

Maybe ill just go write more Carnival series sillyness with River and Jayne. Whattayathink? Is it time for the fun house? Oh! Or the House of Horrors?

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