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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I have very little to say about tonights Lost.

also, as much as i adore Jin/Sun backstory, i kinda hate the episodes that are ALL IN KOREAN. mainly because i cant just "groove" through the ep like i normally do..i actually have to pay strict attention. and im lazy and dont like doing that.

Sun's wedding ring was obviously buried with the bottle. although Hurley's dog watching made me laugh. and her tearing apart the garden was heartbreaking.

i was also glad to see her get those white pants dirty, because, really? white on an island? BAD IDEA.

Michael's desperation didnt really ring true for me tonight. not sure why, just didnt.

I heart Jin and his almost english. LOVELOVELOVE. and the flashbacks were awesome, subtitles aside. my heart cracked a little when the bossman said the Jin smelled like fish. really, must you be so RUDE?

i cant help but be amazed over how everyone's opinion on Jin has changed, including mine. at first, i hated him and thought he was beating Sun. and, while it does look like some crazy emotional abuse was going on, its so very cool to see how Jin became who he is.

thats..all i got. except my love for Ana Lucia is still fabulous and shiny.


I think the writers have deicided that all Jin episode titles must contain puns. I mean "...In Translation" and "...And Found"? lmao.

Sorry, um, I just had to bask in the fabulous, shiny love after so much hate for her. People make me sad.
People hate on her??? *boggles*

How CRIMINAL! She makes me GIGGLE! Love on her! LOVE!

Yeah, I can't believe how much I like Jin now. I wanted him to die for like the first half of last season, but him and Sun have this wonderful lovestory going on.

Urg, I'm sorry, but I just can't find myself liking Ana-Lucia.
Really? You love Ana Lucia?
EEEPS not me!
And it is interesting to see how different our opinions are about Jin isn't it? My first impression of him was NOT pleasant.
I loved last night's episode.
People hate on her A LOT. They want her DEAD. They call her a MAN. They call her a lot WORSE things I won't repeat because they are words/names which shouldn't be used as an insult.

All because she beats up Sawyer and acts tough. All because she's a strong female character. All because she's fighting for survival.

It really drives me crazy.

She makes me giggle, too, and cheer her on.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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