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When did you write your first "Fanfiction" piece? What was it for?:

technically, when i was in high school, i had an assignment to rewrite the story of Fareinheit 451 from another character's viewpoint. i cant remember what grade i got though..

otherwise, my first started fic was roswells Where's the Girl?

my first completed fic was a Star Wars: YJK challenge story called The Streets of Coruscent

What series have you written fanfics for? (both posted stories, and non-posted stories):

roswell is my biggest and my best so far, also star wars, gilmore girls, and xmen movieverse

Any Original Characters (ones that got named) that you had inhabit the series universes? If so- who/where? (yes, this is where we embarrass you by revealing your dark secrets!):

does Allison in Where's the Girl? count? she's a baby, and isnt actually in the story, but she is there.

If you had the chance to have the original creator turn any of your fanfics into an actual *real* piece, which story would you choose?

as dumb as it sounds, i would love to see my rosfic Singalong Series be turned real. i dove it so.

and Bloom, if i ever get it finished, as it is completely twisted, and i think it would be fun.

Do you have any weird music quirks that help you write?

Wicked Game by Chris Isaac
Rest Stop by Matchbox 20
the broadway soundtrack of The Scarlet Pimpernel

i have no idea why.

What are common "themes" you hide in your stories?

err..most of my stories are somewhere between odd and completely twisted, so im not sure what that says about themes

What are your favorite characters to write POVs from?

Maria, Michael, Luke from Gilmore Girls

What story of yours do you wish more people would read and love?

heh, ok, um..2, both roswellMemorial to the Name and Who are my favs.

If you could pick a specific scene of your story to be made into a comic-book/doujinshi format, what scene from what fanfic would you pick?

most of my stories are introspectives, so this wouldnt exactly work.

And last but not least- Why do you like writing fanfiction?

i get to show what a character is thinking during a part not seen, i get to see missing moments between people or by themselves. i get to set up fun stuff with people i already know!
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