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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

A Post Thats Not About Firefly

Nope, tonight is brought to you by Lorelai Gilmore, Richard Gilmore, and me being overly girly and sentimental.

seriously, muchas gracias to bugchicklv who uploaded last week's ep for me. so i just watched both eps, and i cant remember exactly what happened in which one, so lets cover the main things i did like. all mixed up together. sorry.

"White sauce looks like pus!" this line cracked me up more than it had a right to. and damn am i glad we werent have fettacini tonight..

Emily's smiling polite smackdown of Stripper!Huntzburger wife was SO THE BEST THING EVER. i fell in love with Emily and her evil, passive aggressive little heart all over again!

i also adored the random packages. the vase. the birdcage. the packages that were decorating the entire outside!

i love Luke. i just need to say that. I also need to say that we ALMOST got an I Love You from Lorelai, something from in the diner when Luke was being Zen maybe? i dunno.

and then? we get the Rory/Logan I Love You. color me bitter.

and also, annoyed. i dont WANNA like Logan! somebody make me stop!

and for the record, i STILL agree with Daddy Warbucks, or whatever the hell his name is. Rory DOESNT have it. and, he himself pointed out, that if she did, she would be proving him wrong, not planning a fucking party. although the party was very cool.

I love Paris. just needs saying.

and, one more tiny thing.

Really, tiny.

I knew Richard would be at the door. but either im really tired after dance tonight, or im just oblivious, but i didnt forsee the doll house.

and i might have gotten a little teary. because it shows that Richard might be a bastard at times, but he does know SOMETHING about his daughter.

shut up.


I didn't expect the dollhouse either, and it was in the freakin title, lol. But seriously loved that. I awwww'd. It was sweet, and I really do like Richard.
I know. I should have seen it ocming, and I didn't. And there may have been a little teariness at my house, too. *sniff* I miss liking Richard!
I'm glad you got last week's ep. All of my attempts to upload were thwarted. :)

And I went "aww" at the dollhouse too. Sadly, that was the best part of the episode (for me).
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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