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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Unpopular Opinions in Fandom

Basically, i wish to bitch..

and you lucky people get to read these remarks in numerical format.

1. I loathe the use of "impaled herself on him" in smut fic. LOATHE. it fills me with anger. stop doing it.

2. Im really glad Buffy is off the air. Seasons 6 and 7, with the exception of Once More With Feeling, sucked and i hated them. im glad its gone. gladGLADGLAD.

3. I hate people who supposedly spoiler tag, but leave enough stuff outside so that anyone who isnt stupid can figure out what the spoiler is. there are many many firefly/serenity fans doing this RIGHT NOW with THAT spoiler, and it makes me wish to hurt people. no, ive seen it, but i wish to hurt people for the unspoiled who just shrieked BECAUSE THEY ARENT STUPID.

4. I dislike people who pose fic "challanges" which are basically, "OMGsomebodywritethis! with all these details! because i know exactly what i want but im too damn lazy to write it myself! its such a great idea!" Yeah? well, i think it SUCKS.

5. i dont hate Rory this season. she might be whiny and annoying, but at least she is more interesting than she usually is.


I want to smack all writers that say "cannon" instead of "canon." It's not a freakin explosive weapon on a ship or a tank. It's scholarly. It's accepted as truth. LEARN ABOUT CONTEXT, DAMMIT.

And Amen to challenges. Write your own fic, bitch.

Which reminds me, must work on Serenity fic...
Cannon just makes me roll my eyes..i mean, the use of the word for canon..not if i have an actual cannon pointed at me.

and i dont mean real challanges. i mean the ones where they are crossposted everywhere and have basically the entire plot laid out and you have to include 800million tiny stupid details, like..you have to have Malfoy holding a potato at some point.

seriously, WTF?
AMEN TO NUMBER 3. I had a hunch that The Part That I Hate was coming when I saw the movie because of something like that. I wasn't sure if I read it right or if it was even true, but I had it in my head that it was a possibility and that totally sucked. Ugh. Even though I didn't know for sure, it was sucky that it wasn't a total surprise.
well, i had a hunch just because i know Joss..and i know some of his more evil tendencies..and i knew something bad was coming..bastards.
I loathe the use of "impaled herself on him" in smut fic.

I agree. Never, ever appropriate.

Unless it's Vlad Tepes fic.

In which case I want a link.

i think you broke my brain.

and send me a link too, if you find one..im both horrified and amused.
Season 6 and 7 of BtVS did pretty much suck, but I can't help missing the good episodes. Actually I'm probably more pissed off that I have watched 6 episodes of Joss shows in their original airing, and every other episode from his three shows were viewed in reruns and on DVD.
1. I loathe the use of "impaled herself on him" in smut fic. LOATHE. it fills me with anger. stop doing it.

Oh yeah, that sounds *real* pleasant.
yes, it sounds like tons of fun. and therapy. *shudder*

the problem is, i see it EVERYWHERE. i swear, just about any time in smut when the woman is on top in ANY FANDOM, i have read this phrase.


You just reminded me I have to do a number 4 for my House fandom. It's not as detailed as you mention. I just have to make it involve or include some weird ass quote I don't get and is far too deep for my little brain. Not that I was much kinder though. I made them quote Star Wars. :D

Re: shit!

lol! i love challanges, its the ones where the plot is all laid out (and stupid) and you have to include completely stupid things. not just one, but a whole list of them!

and what quote do you have?
and what SW quote did you stick someone else with?
But you know "Storyteller" was one of the best hours of Buffy ever. :) All hail Drew Goddard.
I know what you mean about lj cuts that people screw up.

And back to Buffy - in hindsight. The Gift was the best way to end the show. Perfection it would have been.
im not saying there werent bright spots. i adored Storyteller, as well as..the one about the jacket? with the theme to a Summer Place? and the boy?

but overwhelmingly, i HATED S7. S6 i gave the benifit of the doubt until i suddenly bored and wandered away from the tv less than halfway through the season.

actually, now that i think about it..do you think Joss used the theme to A Summer Place on purpose? i remember that Oz had a thing about that tune...
omg omg omg. YESSS NUMBER ONE SUCKS!!!

i thought i was the only one that couldn't stand that. i was bitching to chicafrom3 the other day about it.

it always kind of puts me off of smut fics because i hate it with a burning passion.

and, i agree about buffy. the incorporation of all of the potentials, plus lack of good writing/plot/anything... ugh. i stopped watching halfway thorugh season six.

unless there are swords involved, i dont want to hear about impaling of anything!

ew. i just squicked myself. *bleaches brain*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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