Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Unpopular Opinions in Fandom

Basically, i wish to bitch..

and you lucky people get to read these remarks in numerical format.

1. I loathe the use of "impaled herself on him" in smut fic. LOATHE. it fills me with anger. stop doing it.

2. Im really glad Buffy is off the air. Seasons 6 and 7, with the exception of Once More With Feeling, sucked and i hated them. im glad its gone. gladGLADGLAD.

3. I hate people who supposedly spoiler tag, but leave enough stuff outside so that anyone who isnt stupid can figure out what the spoiler is. there are many many firefly/serenity fans doing this RIGHT NOW with THAT spoiler, and it makes me wish to hurt people. no, ive seen it, but i wish to hurt people for the unspoiled who just shrieked BECAUSE THEY ARENT STUPID.

4. I dislike people who pose fic "challanges" which are basically, "OMGsomebodywritethis! with all these details! because i know exactly what i want but im too damn lazy to write it myself! its such a great idea!" Yeah? well, i think it SUCKS.

5. i dont hate Rory this season. she might be whiny and annoying, but at least she is more interesting than she usually is.

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