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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Last Week

i STILL havent been able to see last week's Gilmore Girls ep..i hate torrents.

anybody able to upload it maybe? or know who has it uploaded?


i really wanna see it.


Want me to email you a list of all my torrent sites? There is one that is pretty quick on the update thing...
i appreciate the offer, but uts not that i dont have a site..its that i hate torrents. i cant get the ones i dl'd to work, and i prefer stuff that i can just..download.

i hate torrents.

and i really wanna see this past weeks ep! *kicks things*
What was the name of it? Maybe I can find it on a torrent site and convert it with WMM (would make it smaller size and image) and upload it to Yousendit or Megaupload.
I love you. really.

its episode 6.5 "We've Got Magic to Do."

i will write you anything you want. anything.

DLing it now. If the a$$hole doesn't frell with any settings etc. I should have it DLed and converted by tomorrow.
*worships you*
I'll start work on uploading it now, and re-comment when I have a YSI link. :)
i love you.

would you like a ficlet in thanks?
I appreciate the offer, but basically if you just keep the Jayne/River coming I will be a very happy girl. Your Fair series has been the brightest part of my week. :)

But if you want to write a separate Jayne/River ficlet for me, who am I to argue? *grin*
Err, actually, YSI is giving me attitude, so I'm trying Megaupload, which I've never used before. Hopefully it works. *crosses fingers*
I love you. I worship you. Would you like my firstborn? Er. Whenever I have a firstborn?

Alternativly, how about some fic? not your porn, which im working on, but something else?
Hee hee. I'm glad it worked...I didn't watch it all the way thru and for some odd reason the ends of shows have out of sync vid/audio whenever I try this. Hope it wasn't too distracting if it did that.

Of course having WMM open just gave me the shove I needed to start my own "Living Dead Girl" vid (been planning it since early spring when I first saw the Big Damn Trailer) (and lemming wants me to do it anyway). So, I've got the music and a couple of scenes set up. What level of hell would I burn in if I used torrent/downloaded vid from the BDM?
Oh, and more River/Jayne would be scrumptious. THank you.
eeh. you might drop a rung or two from what you were originally headed for..but its not like you wont buy the movie when it comes out, so i wouldnt worry.

besides, the lemming and I are both somewhere around Level 13. we could use the company.
Wheeee! My lucky number!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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