Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Our Big Damn Heroes Made a Film

Yes, more Serenity musings.

Its not my fault.

But my sister, a non Browncoat who has never seen the show, just went to the movie and LOVED IT. And she now has the show, and will be watching, and im very excited about this.

so, it gives me a chance to talk EVEN MORE about my current obsession. and because me and Krispy are going again tonight.

as always, cut for those who havent seen or dont care.

Actually, this has been in the back of my head for a while, since i read one of lorax's posts.

The highlights of this movie weren't the battles, the fight scenes - though River is *beautiful* to watch in motion - it was the tiny little interactions. It was Jayne bringing grenades. It was Kaylee gesturing what kind of engine would "fall out of the sky". It was the look between Zoe and Wash. It was the crew watching Mal on the vid-screen talking to Inara and throwing popcorn. It was Zoe's reaction when her husband fell from the wind. It was a split second before she shuts down - but it was just a second of utter heartbreak.

God. GOD. Yes. THAT is what Serenity is. Its the people, and its the love. Joss and all the actors LOVE this movie. and it shows. Joss offered to store the sets himself when Firefly was cancelled. Nathan was heartbroken. Adam says he was MEANT to be Jayne, and when he got the call for the movie, he and his son cried.

this is some major love, people.

And while i agree with all of lorax's little things, my own little things are a little different.

Its..being able to laugh, even as you are choking back tears, when Kaylee vows to live. Its Jayne checking seatbelts. Its Inara's good answer, with no makeup on. Its River taking her turn. Simon, getting shot, STILL makes me gasp and cry.

Its noticing that Jayne is clinging to Vera while they are flying in Reaver space.

Its Kaylee calling Mal on the crap with Inara.

Its Joss's continued foot fetish.

This movie is love, folks. All about the love. Love for the fans, love for the actors, love for the Verse. Yeah, supposedly, its all about belief.

For me, its the love.

I love this verse. i havent been so in love with a show since Roswell, and i didnt think anything could ever hit me that hard again. But i keep watching Firefly and noticing new things, and I keep thinking about the movie, and i keep loving.


Joss, what the hell have you done to us?

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