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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Like a Log


I hate not being able to check anything but my email from
work..especially on days like today, when ive done all the discharges,
intake, filing, and copying needed for the rest of the week.

I would write drabbles, should i not have to minimize the window
everytime someone walks by.

and its bad folks. i have a very bad wrong fic idea...starring our
own ode to Flowers in the Attic, Sha-Boone (hello hello again) ...and
really, it would be a new level of bad wrongness...and i think i will
be going to a low enough level of hell as it is, dont you?

*attempts to drown out bad thoughts with bleach*

its not working!

he is still watching her, and she is still thirteen! *cries*

why isnt there anyone who can distract me from this?


why isnt there anyone who can distract me from this?
because I'm not sure if I want to ;)
thats because you are EVIL and VILE (which both have the exact same letters in them..HEEE), and fabulous and an enabler of the worst kind.

*goes to write not-quite-legal porn*
I am not evil, I'm just trying to help you out ;)

*celebrates* :P
He's only 15 then, and it's not so wrong... It was wrong when Tim's cousins did it, but they were actually blood sibs too...but anyway... *cough*

Hey, what's that over there? *points* Petey's eating Rousseau's leg!
*looks startled*

so..its..NOT wrong? is that what you are saying?

that he is watching her undress and thinking about her at night and..stuff?

What? Huh? Petey? *looks around wildly*
Well, it's wrong, but it's not as wrong as if he'd been over 18. Technically speaking, since they're both minors, it's not soooo bad... Yeah, it's illegal in like every country except those involving royalty, but still...
yes, but me trying to describe a thirteen year old girl who has barely hit puberty might send me over the edge. it makes me feel all kinds of dirty.

how do all those crazy HP writers do it all the time?

and yet..im still going to write it, probably. because im going to hell.

and um, i didnt mention this earlier, but..Tim's cousins? you have your own Flower's in the Attic going on? or did?
Yup, there was definitely some Flowers in the Attic going on with the Kentucky branch of his family...I think they were 13 and 15 actually...and still sharing a room...

Yeah, I don't really get the chan stuff. I still read it, but I'm not sure I get how people can write it. I just don't like to acknowledge the fact that adolescents are horny little bastards.

But if it's for your art...
i dont often read the YOUNG stuff, but generally 15 and up is ok. which might be why im feeling so dirty about this one.

plus, its Shannon/Boone, who, in my opinion, are as FUBAR'd as all get out anyway. so..that..makes it ok? i dont know! i wrote Selfish, and i thought that was as dirty as the incest was going to be..but ive now been proven wrong by the bad wrongness in my brain.

*goes to write chan..or to hit self in head multiple times*
As someone who's recently delved into the world of LotR RPS, I know the depths of wrongness. Lots of wrongness. Bad wrongness. But then I think of my friend Gwen and her chan comics where the boy is like nine or ten and think, hey, I'm not as perverse as I thought...

Sometimes, you just have to write the evil!bunny in order to exorcise him. *nods*
i foght LoRTRiPS for a very very loong time.

and then i fell in love with Dom and Billy.

and then i read the porn.

seriously, fanfic is such a gateway drug. you start out with innocence!
Oooh, I love your radish-head icon... *g*

Emily :)
Yes, this is Kara having to much fun with Photoshop and Lost screencaps at work.
Heh. Maybe I'm sick but I'd kinda like to read that too if you write it... Flowers in the Attic is a guilty pleasure book of mine. *g*

Should I admit that? *looks around*

Emily :)
I love how VC Andrews is like the closet confession that no one admitted to reading in school, but everyone read. I need to read it again, just because... It must've been 13 or 14 years at this point... *snerk*
Hmm... Let me see... I read it when I was around 13 or 14, so yeah. I guess it's been about that long since I read it too. *g*

Emily :)
er..i read them when i was probably around 10 or so..but my sister was thirteen and i took it off of her bookshelf.

all i remember is being locked in the attic, and a ballet leotard so thin you could see the pink of her skin.

and something about a bath...

*keeps writing wrong bad fic*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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